Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence and papers on the movement towards a United Europe, A-B.

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Date: Feb 1949 - May 1951


Correspondents include: John Wallace, Vice-President of the Chase National Bank; Barbara Blamey [Duncan Sandys' secretary] (9); Major Edward Beddington-Behrens, Vice President of the European League for Economic Co-ordination (7); Robert Boothby on Council of Europe matters (3); Duncan Sandys on Boothby visiting the United States. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from secretaries Jo Sturdee ("N S") [later Lady Onslow], Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford], Vanda Salmon, Jane Portal [later Lady Williams of Elvel], and Chips Gemmell.

Other subjects include: the Marshall Plan and United States investment in Western Europe; the American Committee on United Europe; invitations for WSC to speak to a group in Baden Baden [Germany] and from Beddington-Behrens.

Also includes: text of a speech by Winthrop Aldrich, Chairman of Board of Directors of the Chase National Bank; American Committee pamphlet; memorandum and articles of association of the United Europe movement; International Committee for the Study of European Questions paper on communist activities in Germany and western Europe (including France); International Exchange Committee report.




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