Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence and papers, mainly from Field Marshal [1st Lord] Montgomery of Alamein [Chief of Imperial General Staff].

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Date: Feb 1948 - May 1950


Includes copies of: various notes and memoranda by Montgomery for the War Office or Chiefs of Staff Committee on the British Army, Western European defence, and his 1948 visits to France and Austria; addresses by him to the "Ecole Superieur de Guerre" and senior officers of the Brussels Treaty Powers, Fontainebleau [France].

Other correspondents include: Leslie Hore-Belisha sending on notes of his conversation with the Spanish High Commissioner [to Morocco] General Valera and a translation of an article on General [Alphonse] Juin [French Resident-General in Morocco]; Lieutenant-General Sir Giffard Martel sending on a paper on conscription.

Other subjects include: the treatment of the defeated German Field Marshals.

Also includes: unidentified paper entitled "Higher Defence Policy: 'The Cold War'"; memorandum by the Chiefs of Staff, [1st Lord] Tedder [Chief of Air Staff], Montgomery, and [1st Lord] Fraser [of North Cape, 1st Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff], on the state of the armed forces; summary of Martel's paper by [Christopher] Soames; note by "L M M" [Lettice Marston, later Lettice Shillingford]; a top secret memorandum about plans by Rear Admiral [Roscoe] Hillenkoetter, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, to set up an agency for cold war activities, with observation by Donald McLachlan.






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Physical: 1 file (156 loose folios - closed material in a separate file)
Publication: Alternative format: Available on microfilm apart from folios 103-106 which are available as original documents.
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