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Date: Nov 1945 - Dec 1947


Correspondents include: Prime Minister Clement Attlee (3); Paul Beards [Assistant Private Secretary to Attlee]; Admiral of the Fleet 1st Lord Chatfield (2), General Admiral Conrad Albrecht (2), and Leslie Rowan [Principal Private Secretary to Attlee] (3) on pensions for German war veterans; James Stuart [Chief Opposition Whip] (4); 1st Lord Altrincham [earlier Sir Edward Grigg] (2); Julian Amery on completing J L Garvin's life of Joseph Chamberlain; Bhimrao Ambedkar (2) (see CHUR 2/52A/41); R A Butler (2); Leo Amery (4); Randolph Churchill; Eric Underwood; Sir Edward Marsh; 1st Lord Portal [of Hungerford, earlier Sir Charles Portal]; Sir John Anderson [later 1st Lord Waverley]; Henry Hopkinson [later 1st Lord Colyton, Head of Conservative Parliamentary Secretariat and Joint Director, Conservative Research Department] on an "Anglo-Saxon information centre"; representatives of Conservative and Unionist Central Office, including 1st Lord Woolton [earlier Frederick Marquis, Chairman] (6); Captain Sir Noel Arkell on the death of his son and the political situation in Indonesia [earlier Dutch East Indies] (2); Archduke Robert of Hapsburg [Austria] on his brother Otto of Hapsburg (2); Georges Bidault [French Foreign Minister] on Dunkirk; Raymond Blackburn and Arthur Christiansen, [Editor] of the Daily Express, on an article by Blackburn on production; 1st Lord Bledisloe [earlier Charles Bathurst] on food for Britain from the dominions; Robert Boothby (2); Lord Willoughby de Eresby [later 3rd Lord Ancaster] (2); William Brown; Donald Bruce [later Lord Bruce of Donnington, Parliamentary Private Secretary to Minister of Health]; Patrick Buchan Hepburn [later 1st Lord Hailes, Conservative Deputy Chief Whip]. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from secretaries Elizabeth Gilliatt, Jo Sturdee ("N S") [later Lady Onslow], Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford], and Kathleen Hill.

Other subjects include: a visit by King George VI and family to South Africa; parliamentary matters; Palestine; Indian affairs; the proposed exchange of busts of President Roosevelt and WSC; United States films; Conservative Party affairs, including the 1947 Brighton [Sussex] Conference; foreign affairs; bricklaying; aiding the British Limbless ex-Servicemen's Association; Conservative industrial policy.

Also includes copies of: the text of speeches by Leo Amery, and WSC (16 May 1947, Ayr [Scotland]) entitled "Trust the People" on the record of the Labour government; government paper on army training; various press cuttings; message of support by WSC for Geoffrey Geoffrey-Lloyd; extracts from Hansard (22 October 1946); Boundary Commission reports and maps; programme for the premiere of "Down to Earth"; report on Germany by Lewis Brown.






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CHUR 2/52A/41 Letter from Bhimrao Ambedkar [formerly Bhimrao Ambavadekar] (Tuscan Hotel, 67 Shaftesbury Avenue, London) to WSC thanking him for his kindness and for "the sympathy you have envinced for the cause of the untouchables". He also thanks him for his visit to [Chartwell] and requests that WSC allows some of his Indian friends, including G S Dhupia, to visit the grounds. Signed manuscript. 13 Nov 1946