Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence on Conservative attitude to proposed reform of the House of Lords through amending the Parliament Act 1911.

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Date: Oct 1947 - Nov 1950


Correspondents include: 1st Lord Woolton [earlier Frederick Marquis, Chairman, Conservative and Unionist Central Office]; "Bobbety", 5th Lord Salisbury [earlier Robert Gascoyne Cecil and Lord Cranborne] (5); James Stuart [Chief Opposition Whip]; 2nd Lord Astor of Hever Castle [earlier Waldorf Astor]; Sir David Maxwell Fyfe [later 1st Lord Kilmuir]; Prime Minister Clement Attlee; Nigel Colman, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from WSC's secretary Elizabeth Gilliatt.

Also includes copies of: Parliament Bill 1947 papers; material on the 1911 Act.




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