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Date: May 1946 - Dec 1948


Correspondents include: 1st Lord Beaverbrook [earlier Sir Max Aitken] on Daily Express opinion polls; Sir William Darling (3); Patrick Buchan-Hepburn [later 1st Lord Hailes, Conservative Chief Whip] (3); James Milner; [George] Peter Thorneycroft (2); Leo Amery on Dimitrov, President of the Bulgarian Agrarian Movement; representatives of Conservative and Unionist Central Office, including Honorary Treasurer Christopher Holland-Martin, (9); Richard Stokes on Yugoslav General Djoukitch (2); Sir Andrew Duncan; Reginald Maudling; Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon] (3); Harold Macmillan [later 1st Lord Stockton] on standing as Lord Rector of Edinburgh [Scotland] University; Prime Minister Clement Attlee; Norman Brook [later 1st Lord Normanbrook, Secretary of the Cabinet] on Dwight Eisenhower; Eisenhower on his war memoirs (2); Sylvia Pankhurst, editor of New Times and Ethiopia News, (2) and Henry Hopkinson [later 1st Lord Colyton, Head of Conservative Parliamentary Secretariat and Joint Director, Conservative Research Department] on the return of Italian colonies in Africa; S H Fisher of London Midland and Scottish Railway Company [later British Railways] (4); Oliver Lyttelton [later 1st Lord Chandos] (2) and Andrew Stewart, [Chairman and Managing Director] Stewart and Lloyds Limited, on British exports to Canada; Leonard Ropner, Chairman, and Reginald Terrell, Honorary Treasurer, of the Conservative and Unionist Films Association, on WSC appearing in a propaganda film; Douglas Clifton Brown [later 1st Lord Ruffside, Speaker of the House of Commons] (4); William Whiteley [Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury]; Herbert Morrison, Lord President of the Council; Sir Gifford Fox; Sir Orme Sargent [Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs]; Sir David Maxwell Fyfe [later 1st Lord Kilmuir]; David Gammans on selling council houses and London by-elections (2); Aubrey Halford [later Aubrey Halford-MacLeod, Principal Private Secretary to Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs]; Robert Boothby; Charles Gladstone; 1st Lord Woolton [earlier Frederick Marquis, Chairman, Conservative and Unionist Central Office] (2); Sir Samuel Gluckstein; John Strachey, Minister of Food; editor of Hansard [?Thomas O'Donoghue]; Roy Harrod (2); James Thomas [later 1st Lord Cilcennin, Vice-Chairman of Conservative and Unionist Party] (3); Brendan Bracken; Norman Hulbert on the supply of British jet engines to the Soviet Union (2); James Hutchison; Alan Gomme-Duncan (2); representatives of the government of the Nizam of Hyderabad [India], including the Agent-General in the United Kingdom Mir Nawaz Jung and the Prime Minister (2). Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from secretaries: Jo Sturdee ("N S") [later Lady Onslow], Elizabeth Gilliatt, Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford], and Chips Gemmell; CSC.

Other subjects include: the state of Britain under the Labour government; Christianity in politics; an alleged conflict of interest involving Milner; defence co-ordination; district council elections; a visit by Eden to the Middle East; the treatment of Hyderabad by the Indian government; matters concerning Germany, including trying wartime generals, the Berlin blockade, and the state of the country; Soviet expansionism in eastern Europe; the supply of electricity; agricultural matters; WSC's travel and accommodation expenses; a Finnish delegation; Spanish affairs; the laying of a foundation stone for the new chamber of the House of Commons; the Russian revolution era; opposition to the NHS; the position of Leslie Hore-Belisha; Japanese ill-treatment of a wartime internee.

Also includes copies of: Daily Express poll results and graphs; texts of broadcasts by Samuel Pettengill, and Herbert Evatt (Deputy Prime Minister of Australia) on the Commonwealth, and speeches by Anthony Hlynka in the Canadian House of Commons, Eden, ?Morrison on Soviet expansionism, and Strachey on groundnuts; notes of a meeting on economics by Lyttelton; Conservative Parliamentary Secretariat papers; "British pledges to restore Eritrea and ex-Italian Somaliland [later Somalia] to Ethiopia"; various press cuttings; Everybody's weekly; hotel and travel accounts; Conservative Films Association papers; details of the Finnish delegation and Finland; Hansard cuttings (23 January and 16 November 1948) containing speeches by WSC; order of proceedings at laying of Commons' stone; Edmonton [London] by-election material; statement by Ernest Bevin [Foreign Secretary] on the loss of a BEA aircraft; report by Raymond Blackburn on Greece.





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CHUR 2/68A/84-89 Copy of a letter from WSC (Hotel du Roy Rene, Aix-en-Provence, [France]) to Anthony [Eden, later 1st Lord Avon] marked "private and confidential" on subjects including: the grave situation in Hyderabad and the need for the Conservative Party to condemn the actions of the government of India; the possibility of German field-marshals being brought to trial; improving relations with the German people and the occupation of Berlin; possible pressure from the Soviet Union concerning war crimes trials; the timing of a four power summit meeting; the possibility that the Soviet Union has the atomic bomb; and public disapproval of the Labour government policy towards the Western Union and European Assembly. He ends by informing [Eden] that he feels that none of the issues, except Hyderabad, necessitates him altering his travel plans. 12 Sep 1948