Public and Political: General: Political: correspondence and material on steel nationalisation.

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Date: Nov 1948 - Feb 1951


Correspondents include: Reginald Maudling; Patrick Buchan-Hepburn [later 1st Lord Hailes, Conservative Chief Whip]; Sir David Maxwell Fyfe [later 1st Lord Kilmuir]; Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon] (2); Sir Andrew Duncan [Chairman of Executive Committee of British Iron and Steel Federation] (6); John Wilson [Private Secretary to Minister of Supply]; George Christ. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from WSC's secretary Elizabeth Gilliatt.

Subjects covered by the file include: socialist thinking on nationalisation; the iron and steel industry in Wales; the possible effect of the Schuman Plan.

Also includes: copies of the Iron and Steel Bill 1948 and Act 1949; statement by Sir Ellis Hunter, President British Iron and Steel Federation; pamphlets on productivity and prices; various cuttings; Conservative Parliamentary Iron and Steel Committee papers; notes and source material for WSC's speeches in the House of Commons on 16 November 1949, 19 September 1950, and 7 February 1951; notes of a meeting held at the Ministry of Supply; Liberal and Conservative election pamphlets for 1950; copy of Hansard (16 November 1949).






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