Political: Constituency: Woodford [Essex]: Correspondence with or on behalf of constituents, H - L.

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Date: 08 Jan 1957 - 02 Dec 1959


Correspondents include: W Hubert Barlow-Wheeler, Honorary Secretary and Agent, Woodford Conservative Association (5); Anthony Harland, constituent (4); Edward Boyle, Financial Secretary to the Treasury; Ian Harvey [MP for Harrow, Middlesex and Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs]; Geoffrey Chipperfield, Private Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Local Government; George Christ [Parliamentary Liaison Officer, Conservative Party] (3); Robert Jenkins [MP for Dulwich Division, Camberwell, London]; Margery Howdill, constituent (6); Timothy Nodder, Private Secretary, Ministry of Health; Iain Macleod, Minister of Labour and National Service, on industrial dispute legislation and the abolition of compulsory arbitration; William Reid [Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Education]; Richard Hastie-Smith [Assistant Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for War] (2); Francis Armstrong, Principal Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for War; Harold Watkinson, Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation; Samuel Lomax, constituent (5). Also includes notes and copies of correspondence by WSC and Lettice Shillingford [earlier Lettice Marston], Jane Welby and Doreen Pugh ("Puff"), WSC's secretaries and Anthony Montague-Browne, WSC's Private Secretary.

Other subjects include: housing, including rates; pension enquiries; National Service enquiries; protests against hydrogen bomb tests.

Also includes: booklet on the Internationally Yours women's group; copy of a letter and an extract from a speech by Geoffrey Lloyd [later Lord Geoffrey-Lloyd, Minister of Education] on church school funding; Loughton [Essex] cricket club fixture list.



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Open, except for folios 62 - 77, closed for 75 years until 2035 on data protection grounds due to the presence of sensitive and personal information on a potentially living individual.

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