Political: Constituency: Woodford [Essex]: Correspondence with or on behalf of constituents, U - Z.

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Date: 08 Nov 1956 - 23 Dec 1959


Correspondents include: representatives of Woodford Conservative Association, including W Hubert Barlow-Wheeler, Honorary Secretary and Agent (12); Ian Dewar, Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Labour and National Service (2); John Graham [Assistant Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary]; Flora Freestone, Acting Principal and Tutor, Dr Barnardo's Homes (7); Richard Hastie-Smith, Assistant Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for War (2); Alexander Gordon-Brown, Assistant Private Secretary to the Home Secretary; Patrick Benner [Principal Private Secretary to the Minister of Health] (2); William Reid [Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Education]; Harold Watkinson, Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, on local road improvement (2); Jocelyn Simon, Financial Secretary to the Treasury; Overy Gingell, Private Secretary to the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation; Brian Tucker [Assistant Principal], Ministry of Fuel and Power. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence by WSC and Lettice Shillingford [earlier Lettice Marston], Delia Morton, Gillian Maturin and Doreen Pugh, WSC's secretaries, and Anthony Montague-Browne, [WSC's Private Secretary].

Other subjects include: requests for tickets to the Houses of Parliament; European Free Trade; enquiries on National Service, education, housing, pensions and petrol allowances; the local emergency services; invitations for WSC.

Also includes: agenda and minutes for the annual general meeting of Woodford Town Football Club; messages for WSC to send to various local bodies, including the football club.



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