Political: Constituency: Woodford [Essex]: Correspondence.

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Date: 25 Nov 1959 - 31 May 1962


Includes correspondence on constituency affairs by individuals including: representatives of Woodford Conservative Association including W Hubert Barlow-Wheeler, Honorary Secretary and Agent (13), Donald Forbes, Chairman [1956 - 61] (9), and Doris Moss, Chairman [from 1961] (5), on constituency affairs including finances, meetings, office holders, WSC's successor as MP and Barlow-Wheeler's future employment; "Rab" [R A Butler], Chairman, Conservative Party and Home Secretary, on subjects including the disarray of the Labour Party, economic problems and the increase in crime (3); representatives of the Woodford Young Conservatives on WSC remaining as their president (6); Sir Stuart Mallinson, Chairman, Leyton [Essex] Employment Committee; Evelyn Emmet [MP for East Grinstead, Sussex]; A McCarlie Findlay, Wanstead and Woodford Town Clerk and Solicitor on subjects including the Protection of Tenants Bill and Civil Defence badges of rank (12); William Aitken, MP for Bury St Edmunds [Suffolk]; Martin Ennals, Organizing Secretary, National Council for Civil Liberties; Geoffrey Chipperfield, Private Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Local Government; David Hilary, Private Secretary to the Home Secretary, on the Civil Defence badges (2); Anthony Courtney [MP for Harrow East, Middlesex]; Charles Carey [Assistant Principal], Treasury; John Holroyd, Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries; D W Bramley, Chairman, Epping Forest [Essex] Association, on the forest grazing rights (5); Anthony Fell [MP for Great Yarmouth, Norfolk]; Edward Heath, Lord Privy Seal, on speaking in Woodford; Bryan Rayner [Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Health]; Donald Allen, Assistant Private Secretary to Edward Heath, on his speech at Woodford. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence by WSC to individuals listed above, including R A Butler and Edward Heath, and by CSC and Lettice Shillingford [earlier Lettice Marston], Catherine Snelling and Doreen Pugh ("Puff"), WSC's secretaries, and Anthony Montague-Browne, WSC's Private Secretary.

Other subjects include: invitations and donation requests for WSC; local pollution control; the defence of WSC's record as an MP, on calls for his resignation; the effect of purchase tax on exports; the reorganization of London government and amalgamation of boroughs; university grants.

Also includes: messages from WSC to constituents and local organizations, including the Woodford Conservative Association annual general meetings; Chairman's reports for the Woodford Young Conservatives, 1960 - 61, and for the Woodford Conservative Association, 1960; press cuttings; issue of the Woodford Times on the amalgamation of local boroughs.





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