Political: Constituency: Woodford [Essex]: Correspondence with or on behalf of constituents, K - Z.

Reference code: CHUR 3/57

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Date: 12 Dec 1949 - 01 May 1950


Correspondents include: J Tillett, Divisional Education Officer (4); Derek Stephen, Assistant Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for War; Percy Cohen, [Joint Director] Conservative Research Department (2); David Nenk, Private Secretary to the Minister of Education; John Harvey on his election defeat [at St Pancras North, London]. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence by various individuals including Frederick Mummery, Honorary Secretary and Agent, Woodford Conservative Association.

Other subjects include: building applications; housing, taxation and pension enquiries; messages of support for WSC in the General Election; repairs to local schools; the liability of overseas British subjects to National Service; the state of the economy; nurses' pay; disabled ex-servicemen; the sugar ration; invitations and requests for WSC's autograph; Sunday observance; road improvement; the London allowance for teachers; alternative fuels; Catholic schools; war damage claims; the expansion of London Airport [? later Heathrow].

Also includes: Conservative policy statements on various subjects including pensions, roads, petrol rationing, tobacco taxation and vaccination; an issue of Intelligence Digest on subjects including the Soviet Union's atomic strategy; a reprint from the Financial Times on the effects of the Government's change in its paper industry policy; election questionnaires and leaflets from the United Committee for the Taxation of Land Values Limited, the Lord's Day Observance Society, the National Union of Retail Tobacconists and the automobile clubs; agenda for the Wanstead and Woodford Civil Defence Association.




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