Political: Constituency: Woodford [Essex]: Correspondence with or on behalf of constituents, A - Z.

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Date: 14 May 1948 - 30 May 1951


Correspondents include: Percy Cohen, [Joint Director] Conservative Research Department (10); representatives of Woodford Conservative Association including "Fred" [Frederick Mummery, Honorary Secretary and Agent] (9), Sir James Hawkey, Chairman (2) and "Kath" [Kathleen Kemp, Secretary to the Agent] (7); David Perry, Wanstead and Woodford Housing Manager (5); J W Faulkner, Clerk of Chigwell [Essex] Urban District Council (4); John Moss, Private Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries; Cyril Walker, Director of Housing and Valuer, London County Council (2); L A Furze, constituent (6); Derek Stephen, Assistant Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for War (2); P W Elliott, constituent (4); Anthony Phelps, Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer (3); Kenneth Malcolm, Private Secretary to the Minister of National Insurance; M I Baker, Assistant Private Secretary to the Postmaster General (5); Sir Anthony Pickford, Town Clerk, Corporation of London; James Pearson, constituent, on war damage claims for trade with Burma (7); L Edwards, County Organiser, People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (4); Tufton Beamish, MP for [Lewes, Sussex, later Lord Chelwood]; Thomas Shearer, Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Air (6); Jean Nunn, Private Secretary to the Home Secretary; Eric Stretten, constituent (6); [?] Leslie Murphy, Private Secretary to the Minister of Fuel and Power (2); W A Braine, Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, Wanstead and Woodford Air Training Corps (4); L A Knight, Honorary Secretary, Wanstead and Woodford Chamber of Commerce. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence by "N S" [Jo Sturdee, later Lady Onslow], Lorna Cowper and Monica Graham, WSC's secretaries.

Other subjects include: teachers' pay; housing, pension and taxation enquiries; an extension for the local sewage works; agricultural loans; war damage claims; postal rates and service; grazing rights in Epping Forest [Essex]; greyhound betting tax; nurses' pay; policing the local area; the telephone service.

Also includes: leaflets on agricultural mortgages, the Borough Extension bills, the British Motor Racing Trust and teachers' pay; a petition against grazing in Epping Forest; a memorandum on a claim by the National Association of Postal and Telegraph Officers for official recognition; a reprint of an article in the Pharmaceutical Journal on taxing medicines.



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Open, except for folios 331 - 333, closed for 75 years until 2026 on grounds of data protection due to presence of sensitive and personal information about a potentially living individual.

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