Political: Constituency: Woodford [Essex]: Correspondence with or on behalf of constituents, A - Z.

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Date: 07 Mar 1950 - 19 Mar 1951


Correspondents include: representatives of Woodford Conservative Association including Sir James Hawkey, Chairman, and C C Worsdell, Secretary and Agent (5); Cyril Walker, Director of Housing and Valuer, London County Council; George Beck, Bishop of Brentwood [Essex], on London housing problems and the provision for Catholic churches on London housing estates (5); Richard Stokes, Minister of Works, on churches for housing estates; Henry Brooke [later Lord Brooke of Cumnor], London County Council, on the churches; Percy Cohen [Joint Director], Conservative Research Department (6); Maurice Charlton, constituent (4); George [Gordon] Allen; J Henderson, Public Relations Officer, British Transport Commission (6); H Edwards, constituent (7); Sir Cyril Hurcomb, Chairman, British Transport Commission; Philip Noel-Baker, Minister of Fuel and Power, on electricity distribution; [?] William Brown, [solicitor], Adviser to the Engineering Officers (Telecommunications) Association; Arthur Powell, Principal Private Secretary to the Minister of Fuel and Power; Lena Prescott, Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Health (4); Michael Hughes-Young [later 1st Lord St Helens], Conservative and Unionist Central Office; Michael Wilford, Assistant Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence by Lorna Cowper, Elizabeth Gilliatt and Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford], WSC's secretaries, CSC and Richard Greville and Edmund Oddy, Honorary Secretaries.

Other subjects include: enquiries into housing and pensions; Civil Service union pay; a proposed change in the divorce laws; Eastern Region British Railways pay levels; the negotiations for official recognition by the Engineering Officers (Telecommunications) Association; the Fellowship of Reconciliation; war damage claims; the development of Harlow New Town [Essex]; local property clearances; requests for WSC to support various bills in Parliament, including the Pets, Animals Bill; publicizing the fuel shortage; invitations for WSC.

Also includes: notes on school and church provision in the London County Council housing estates; a statement on the policy of electricity distribution, including details of the members of the British Electricity Authority; petitions from the Fellowship of Reconciliation urging for better relations with the Soviet Union; notes on the Harlow Development Corporation and New Town by Hugh Molson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Works; pamphlet on a Political School held by the Woodford Conservative Association; press cuttings on the fuel shortage, with a statement by Philip Noel-Baker on the fuel economy campaign.



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Open, except for folios 83 - 85, closed for 75 years until 2027 on grounds of data protection due to the presence of sensitive and personal information on potentially living individuals.

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