Political: Constituency: Woodford [Essex]: Correspondence with or on behalf of constituents, S - T.

Reference code: CHUR 3/82A-B

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Date: 28 Jul 1947 - 21 Dec 1953


Correspondents include: W Hubert Barlow-Wheeler, Honorary Secretary and Agent, Woodford Conservative Association (8); F J Sharman, constituent (4); John Langland, County Education Officer for Dorset; Gordon Wilson, Assistant Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for War; Terence Grady, [Assistant Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary]; Stuart Gilbert, Private Secretary to the Minister of Housing and Local Government (2); [Walter] Leonard Allinson, Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Education; Bernard Lawrence, Chief Education Officer for Essex; Peter Hudson, [Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Transport]; Walter Spradbery, constituent (6); Graeme Finlay [MP for Epping, Essex]; Thomas Caulcott, [Assistant Principal], War Damage Commission; Kenneth Jamieson, Foreign Office; Philip Woodfield, [Assistant Private Secretary to the Home Secretary]; R Trickett, constituent (5). Also includes notes and copies of correspondence by CSC [President, Woodford Conservative Association] and Lettice Marston [also Lettice Shillingford], and Grace Hamblin, WSC's secretaries, and Peter Oates, WSC's Private Secretary.

Subjects include: National Insurance and pension enquiries; National Service enquiries; Coronation celebrations for schools; housing enquiries, including de-requisitioning of property, rent control and building licenses; waste food collection for agriculture; requests for WSC to oppose the Sunday Observance Bill; local grammar school places; overcrowding on the London Underground; the local telephone supply; compulsory wearing of motorcycle crash helmets.

Also includes: booklets on a local church hall, on teaching evolution in schools, from the Evolution Protest Movement, and on the case for repealing the duty on oils; a draft message for WSC to send for the dedication of the local church hall; results of local peace council ballots on British troops withdrawing from Korea; press cutting from Liberal News with an article by Reginald Smith, Editor, on "Stalin and the Future"; copy of "Anathema of Zos" by Austin Spare; street plan for the Debden [Essex] housing estate; copy of Hansard including a motion for the second reading of the Sunday Observance Bill.

The majority of material in this file dates to 1951 - 1953.



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Open, except for folios 355 - 358, closed for 100 years until 2054 on data protection grounds due to the presence of sensitive and personal information on a potentially living individual.

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