Political: Constituency: Woodford [Essex]: Correspondence with or on behalf of constituents, T.

Reference code: CHUR 3/89

Part of: CHUR 3
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Date: 17 Jun 1952 - 04 Nov 1954


Includes: letters of protest from local teachers on an increase in contributions to teachers' pensions, and requests for WSC to oppose the Teachers (Superannuation) Bill. Also includes correspondence from: [Walter] Leonard Allinson [Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Education] (3); [Margaret] Barbara Sloman [Principal], Treasury; notes and copies of correspondence by Lettice Shillingford [earlier Lettice Marston], WSC's secretary.

Other subjects include: a taxation enquiry; employment enquiries.

Also includes: open letters from the National Union of Teachers and Teachers World; a [Ministry of Education] draft reply to correspondents on pensions; summary of the speech by the Minister of Education [Florence Horsbrugh] to the Education Committee on pensions.

The majority of material in this file dates to 1954.



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