Political: Constituency: Woodford [Essex]: Correspondence with or on behalf of constituents, F - H.

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Date: 19 Feb 1951 - 18 Oct 1956


Correspondents include: W Hubert Barlow-Wheeler, Honorary Secretary and Agent, Woodford Conservative Association (9); Gordon Wilson, Assistant Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for War (2); Robert Armstrong, [later Lord Armstrong of Ilminster], Private Secretary [to the Chancellor of the Exchequer]; Gordon Downey [Assistant Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer] (3); W E Forsyth, constituent (4); Robert Pittam, Private Secretary to the Home Secretary; Maurice Dean, [2nd Secretary], Board of Trade; S W Waring, Private Secretary, Board of Trade (4); F C Gardner, constituent (9); Josiah Beale, Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation (4); George Wedd, Ministry of Housing and Local Government; Kenneth Pritchard, [Assistant Principal], Admiralty; Charles Regan, Private Secretary, Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance; John Harvey [MP for Walthamstow East, Essex]; Harold Watkinson, Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation; Noel Moore, Assistant Private Secretary to the Postmaster General; H E Forbes [Assistant Private Secretary to the Home Secretary] (4); Lancelot Errington [Principal Private Secretary to the Minister of National Insurance]; Muriel Lewis, Ministry of National Insurance (5); Lois Hubbard, constituent (7); Norman Calvert [Assistant Principal], Ministry of Housing and Local Government. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence by Lettice Shillingford [earlier Lettice Marston], Elizabeth Gilliatt, "N S" [Jo Sturdee, later Lady Onslow] and Doreen Pugh, WSC's secretaries.

Subjects include: housing, pension, taxation, benefit and education grant enquiries; import duty; compensation for jobs lost under the Transport Act; requests for WSC to vote on the abolition of gin traps; local concerns on hydrogen bomb tests.

Also includes: memoranda by the Theatres Entertainment Tax Committee; memorandum by Liverpool Council of Social Service on the case for amending the Family Allowances Act, with a copy of a bill of amendment; copy of Hansard and memoranda on the Government boycott of a planning and development conference, with copies of letters from members of the conference committee, including Professor John Tew, and from 2nd Lord Reading [earlier Lord Erleigh, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs] and Austen Albu, and Foreign Office and conference committee press statements; Navy League pamphlet on the state of the Navy.

The majority of material in the file dates to 1952 - 1956.



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