Political: Constituency: Woodford [Essex]: correspondence, mainly with Wanstead and Woodford Borough Council.

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Date: Mar 1950 - Nov 1958


Correspondents include: A McCarlie Findlay, Town Clerk and Solicitor of the Borough (59); [Percy] Cohen, [Joint Director] of the Conservative Research Department (3); J R Iles, Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Local Government and Planning (7); Sir James Hawkey, Chairman of Woodford Conservative Association [until 1952] (2); [?Richard] Adams of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government; [Peter] Hudson, Private Secretary [to the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation] (3); [Stuart] Gilbert, Private Secretary [to the Minister of Housing and Local Government] (3); Donald Forbes, Mayor of Wanstead and Woodford, 1953-54, and [later] Chairman of Woodford Conservative Association (5); [Ronald] Guppy [Principal Private Secretary to the Home Secretary]; R S Edwards, Mayor of Wanstead and Woodford [1955-56] (5); John Harvey; [Patrick] Benner, [Principal] Private Secretary [to the Minister of Health]; Desmond Flower; Thomas Iremonger (2). Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from: secretaries Elizabeth Gilliatt, Lettice Marston (Lettice Shillingford), Jane [Portal, later Lady Williams of Elvel], "Jo" Sturdee [later Lady Onslow], Doreen Pugh, Gillian Maturin, and Anthony Montague Browne; CSC (President of Woodford Conservative Association).

Subjects include: concern over various pieces of proposed legislation affecting local government; invitations for WSC and CSC to attend events; planning and development issues surrounding local sites and buildings; local transport issues; support for campaigns; arrangements for the Coronation; boundary commission matters; a request to purchase one of WSC's paintings; a proposed statue of WSC.

Also includes: a programme for a Coronation service and details of events for Coronation week; Council of Justice to Animals and Humane Slaughter Association leaflet; invitations from the Mayor; Wanstead and Woodford road safety handbook; draft message in WSC's name on civil defence; notes for a speech to be delivered by WSC at a mayoral dinner; information on Forbes' career; Conservative Research Department papers; cuttings on the WSC statue; [Hansard] copies of discussion on the Local Government Bill.





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