Literary: correspondence thanking WSC for complimentary copies and congratulating him on volume 1 ("The Gathering Storm") of his war memoirs ("The Second World War"), or requesting that he autograph copies.

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Date: Feb 1948 - Apr 1949


Correspondents include: Sir Alexander Cadogan; Lieutenant-General Sir Ian Jacob (2); Oliver Lyttelton [later 1st Lord Chandos]; Mary, Duchess of Marlborough [earlier Mary, Lady Blandford]; Sir Henry MacGeagh; Charles Nicholl; Sir Leslie Hollis; Grace Hamblin, Patrick Kinna, G Lamont and Anne Hipwell [former secretaries]; Leo Amery, also on India and the army; Edith Watson, John Colville, Charles Barker, Francis Brown, Leslie Rowan, and John Peck [former Private Secretaries to WSC]; 1st Lord Cunningham of Hyndhope; "Van", 1st Lord Vansittart; Anthony Moir [WSC's solicitor]; J H Thomas (2); Lady Violet Bonham Carter [earlier Violet Asquith and Violet, Lady Bonham Carter, later Lady Asquith of Yarnbury]; Sir Alan Lascelles; Sir Edward Spears; George Harvie Watt; Sir Andrew Duncan; Thomas Johnston; "Bendor" [2nd Duke of Westminster]; Sir Thomas Dunhill; "Brookie" [1st Lord Alanbrooke, earlier Sir Alan Brooke]; 1st Lord Portal of Hungerford [earlier Sir Charles Portal]; Sir Orme Sargent; Isaiah Berlin; Sir Stewart Menzies; Clarissa [Spencer-Churchill, later Clarissa Eden and Lady Avon]; T E R Harris, Lloyds Bank; Audrey Pleydell-Bouverie; Gladys, Lady Phillips; Charles Thompson [former Personal Assistant to WSC] (2); "Archie", Sir Archibald Sinclair [later 1st Lord Thurso]; Sir Desmond Morton [former Personal Assistant to WSC]; Sir Edward Bridges; Sir Edward Marsh; Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Pownall; Walter Thompson [WSC's former personal detective]; Peregrine Churchill; Reginald Maudling; Lady Juliet Duff (2); Clare Sheridan; General [Henri] Guisan; Sophie, Lady Wavertree; Leslie Bradley, Director, and 1st Lord Chatfield [Chairman of Trustees] (2) of the Imperial War Museum; Oliver Stanley; Senor Don Guillermo de Blanck. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from: secretaries Jo Sturdee ("N S") [later Lady Onslow], Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford], Jane Portal [later Lady Williams of Elvel], and Chips Gemmell; CSC.

Also includes: lists of those to be sent complimentary copies.






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