Literary: correspondence on offers for WSC's war memoirs, other works and lecture tours.

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Date: Jul 1945 - Jun 1947


Correspondents include: Anthony Moir of Fladgate and Company [WSC's solicitor] (2); "Johnny", John G Churchill; [William] Surrey Dane; 1st Lord Southwood [earlier Julius Elias, Chairman and Managing Director of Odham's Press Limited]; Arthur Christiansen, Editor of the Daily Express; Adam Marshall Diston of the Daily Sketch; "Eric", 3rd Lord Long of Wraxall; Winston Guest; Stafford Somerfield, News of the World Features Editor; Spencer Curtis Brown (8); Frederick Allen, Editor of Harper's Magazine; William Randolph Hearst (2); Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada; J Kingsbury Smith, European General Manager of the International News Service (4); 1st Lord Camrose [earlier Sir William Berry, Editor-in-Chief] of the Daily Telegraph; Charles Smith of King Features Syndicate (4); Marshall Field of the Chicago Sun [United States]; John Winant [United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom]; Helen Reid (Mrs Ogden Reid), Editor of the New York Herald Tribune [United States] (3); [Cyrus] Sulzberger, Chief Foreign Correspondent of the New York Times, attempting to arrange an interview with WSC (5); Arthur Sulzberger, [publisher] of the New York Times (3); Randolph Churchill; John Wheeler, of the North American Newspaper Alliance (8); Edward Castle [later Lord Castle of Islington], Assistant Editor of Picture Post; George Slocombe; Charles Eade, [Editor] of the Sunday Dispatch. Also includes notes and copies of correspondence from: secretaries Jo Sturdee ("N S") [later Lady Onslow], Kathleen Hill, Lettice Marston [later Lettice Shillingford], and Elizabeth Layton; Sarah [Oliver, earlier Sarah Churchill, later Sarah Beauchamp, later Sarah, Lady Audley]; Sir Desmond Morton [WSC's Personal Assistant]; and from WSC to some of those mentioned above and to Emery Reves [earlier Imre Revesz], Konstantinos Tsaldaris [Greek Prime Minister], and George Papandreou [former Prime Minister of Greece].

Other subjects include: offers for WSC to lecture in Australia and New Zealand; foreign language rights and British and United States newspaper and magazine rights in the memoirs; offers for WSC to write articles on various subjects for British, US and Canadian publications.





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CHUR 4/6/165-166 Letter from Marshall Field [President and Director of Field Enterprises Incorporated] (The Chicago Sun, 400 West Madison Street, Chicago, 6 [United States]) to WSC on publication of his war memoirs. Field explains that he had already written to Brendan Bracken to inquire about obtaining the rights, and hopes that WSC would not let anyone else have them without talking to him first. He states that the Chicago Sun and the New York Herald Tribune had joined forces over the American newspaper rights, while he also had an interest in Simon and Schuster and Pocket Books, who were anxious to secure WSC’s book rights. Combining the two, he states that WSC could make up to a million dollars, possibly more with world rights, and assures him that the Chicago Sun would guarantee a substantial part of this. Field also mentions WSC’s property right in his memoirs, which could be sold outright [this has been annotated in red ink with a question mark]. He ends by repeating how much it would mean to the Chicago Sun and New York Herald Tribune to have the honour of printing whatever WSC wanted to write. Signed typescript. 19 Sep 1945
CHUR 4/6/174-175 Letter from [Max] Lincoln Schuster [co-founder and Chairman of Simon and Schuster, publishers] (The Inner Sanctum of Simon and Schuster, 1230 Sixth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, New York City [United States]) to WSC on publication of his war memoirs. Schuster states that because of his company’s experience in book promotion and distribution, they would be able to match any offers for the American book rights. He adds that their association with Marshall Field [President and Director of Field Enterprises Incorporated], the Chicago Sun and their affiliated newspapers would also make them an ideal choice for combined book and newspaper rights, or for world rights. Schuster cites non-fiction works such as ‘Mission to Moscow’, ‘Ten Years in Japan’ and ‘One World’, as proof of their success in the last twenty years, and states that Simon and Schuster could obtain the largest distribution, best return and most effective publication for WSC’s work, and match or exceed any other genuine offer. He also suggests other forms of benefit for WSC, such as a trust fund or share of the profits, and describes the extent of Simon and Schuster’s distribution, particularly in conjunction with the Marshall Field group. Signed typescript. 06 Jun 1945
CHUR 4/6/178-180 Letter from [Max] Lincoln Schuster [co-founder and Chairman of Simon and Schuster, publishers] (The Inner Sanctum of Simon and Schuster, 1230 Sixth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, New York City [United States]) to Brendan Bracken on the publication of WSC’s war memoirs. Schuster sends Bracken a copy of his letter to WSC (see CHUR 4/6/174-5) and states that they would greatly appreciate any suggestions that he might have in presenting their offer to WSC. Signed typescript. 06 Jun 1945