Literary: typescript proofs and draft copies [some annotated by WSC] of WSC's article entitled "The new American policy towards Greece and Turkey" [first published in Life magazine] on his speech at Fulton [United States, 5 March 1946], the spheres of influence developing between the Soviet Union and the western powers, United States policy in the Mediterranean and Middle East, Greek affairs including the communist uprising and elections, Soviet aspirations concerning the Bosphorus Straits [Karadeniz Bogazi, Turkey] and Persia [later Iran], and Britain's role in world affairs.

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Date: 1947


Also includes: notes and annotations by WSC's secretaries "N S" [Jo Sturdee, later Lady Onslow] and "L M M" [Lettice Marston, later Lettice Shillingford]; letter and notes from Anthony Eden [later 1st Lord Avon] on the article.

Other subjects include: the publication of the article in the Daily Telegraph.





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