Literary: Electoral reform: proofs [for an unpublished book] (reprints of WSC articles and speeches by the Chiswick Press).

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Date: [1945] - [1950]


No file cover has been found for this file. Material accumulated has come from two sources.

Material returned to the Archives Centre by Martin Gilbert [official biographer of WSC]: 1 page, an extract from an address by WSC to Essex Conservatives (15 December 1932) on elections and [4th] Lord Salisbury's [earlier Lord Cranborne] Committee, plus an envelope. These were replaced in this box in May 1998 to be incorporated into file CHUR 4/73 (which was duly noted missing in May 1998).

Material removed from the papers at the time of 3rd Lord Birkenhead's [earlier Frederick Smith and Lord Furneaux] biography of WSC and originally returned to CHUR 4/82: galley proofs of "Why we lost" (John Bull magazine, 15 June 1929), proportional representation speech by WSC (2 June [1931]), "Whither Britain?" (The Listener magazine, 17 January 1934, the text of a broadcast on 16 January), "How we can restore the lost glory to democracy" (Evening Standard, 24 January 1934), "Are parliaments obsolete?" (Pearson's magazine, June 1934), and "Election ahead - and the same old voting system" (Daily Mail, 29 May 1935). These were placed in this file in May 1999.

These reprints are assumed to have been made at a post-1945 date due to their presence in the CHUR papers.




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