Literary: "The Second World War", Volume 1, "The Gathering Storm": chapter 2 [finally entitled "Peace at its Zenith, 1922-1931"]: copy and provisional proofs.

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Date: Jan 1947 - Jul 1947


Includes typescript and galley proofs annotated with suggested corrections and amendments by various people including: WSC, [William] Deakin [literary assistant], "E M" [Sir Edward Marsh], secretaries [Elizabeth Gilliatt] and Jo Sturdee [later Lady Onslow], [Lieutenant-General Sir Henry] Pownall, and [Isaiah Berlin].

Also includes: provisional chapter proofs entitled "Mr [Stanley] Baldwin's Second Administration and the Treaty of Locarno [Switzerland]" and sections provisionally intended to feature in chapters entitled "The Economic Blizzard" (also called "My Corner Seat"), and "The Locust Years"; cuttings from WSC's "The Aftermath", [volume 4] of "The World Crisis"; notes from WSC and Sturdee; Martin Gilbert's [official biographer of WSC] photocopying slips.

Please note that folios 276-88 were removed from file CHUR 4/96.




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