Official: Colonial Office: Correspondence.

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Date: 05 Mar 1922 - 30 Apr 1922


Correspondents include: Brigadier-General Sir Frederick Guggisberg, Governor and Commander in Chief, Gold Coast [Ghana]; Archibald Sinclair [later 1st Lord Thurso, Private Secretary to WSC, Secretary of State for the Colonies]; 1st Lord Forster, Governor General and Commander in Chief, Australia, on the position of Sir Francis Newdegate [Governor of Western Australia]; Newdegate on the importance of the position of Governor to preserve British interests and on the expense of maintaining the position; Air Marshal [Hugh] Trenchard on the RAF; 1st Lord Stamfordham [earlier Sir Arthur Bigge] on the visit of King George V to the Imperial Institute; Sir Walter Davidson [Governor of New South Wales] on industrial unrest; Prince Arthur of Connaught [Governor General and Commander in Chief South Africa] on South African affairs, the success of [General Jan] Smuts [Prime Minister of South Africa] in quelling a revolution in Witwatersrand, and the position of Rhodesia [later Zimbabwe and Zambia]; Herbert Samuel on his illness; Lord Plumer, Governor of Malta; 1st Lord Jellicoe [Governor General and Commander in Chief, New Zealand] on affairs in New Zealand including agricultural and financial difficulties; and Sir Laming Worthington-Evans [Secretary of State for War] on the disposal of locomotives.

Also includes copies of letters from WSC to the individuals mentioned above and to [17th] Lord Derby [earlier Edward Stanley]; copies of correspondence between Newdegate and Forster; internal departmental correspondence and a pamphlet entitled "The Gold Coast: a review of the events of 1921-1922 and the prospects of 1922-1923.".

Other subjects include expressions of sympathy on WSC's polo accident.






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