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Date: 05 Oct 1910 - 15 Oct 1910


Letter from [Edward Marsh] (Home Office) to WSC reporting that the A[ttorney] G[eneral] [Sir William Robson] had wanted to know why WSC had not included Ryland Adkins among the candidates for Recorder of Bedford. Marsh had explained that WSC intended Adkins to be Recorder of Nottingham as soon as [Henry] Stanger could be persuaded to resign. Adkins subsequently requested a letter from WSC to this effect in order that he might resolve the issue with Stanger, avoid a by election (there being no Tory candidate standing against him) and strengthen his practice [as a barrister]. The letter contains subsequent notes in the hand of WSC that he will consider the issue when he has seen the relevant papers, and that he would like to know the result of Adkins' discussions with Stanger in order to consider the electoral issues. Manuscript signed with initials.



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