Official: War and Air: correspondence for WSC and Sir Archibald Sinclair [later 1st Lord Thurso, Personal Military Secretary to the Secretary State for War].

Reference code: CHAR 16/48A-B

Part of: CHAR 16
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Date: 20 Oct 1919 - 31 Aug 1920


Correspondents include: General Sir Nevil Macready [Commanded the Forces in Ireland]; General Sir Henry Wilson [Chief of Imperial General Staff] (8); Cecil Battine; Edwin Montagu [Secretary of State for India] (3); Sir Arthur Pearson (2); William O'Reilly [Acting High Commissioner, Vladivostok, Russia]; Arthur Murray [later 3rd Lord Elibank] (2); Sir Bernard Pares (2); 2nd Lord Esher [earlier Reginald Brett]; Walter Long [First Lord of the Admiralty] (2); Major Noel Napier-Clavering (4); 1st Lord Crewe; N Yermolov (2); Sir Halford Mackinder; David Lloyd George (2) (for description of letter from WSC to Lloyd George, see CHAR 16/48B/169-173); Brigadier-General Frank Ramsay; Sir Maurice Hankey [Secretary to the Cabinet]; Major-General Sir Charles Townshend; Nikolai Tchaikovsky; General Sir Henry Rawlinson; 1st Lord Stamfordham [earlier Sir Arthur Bigge, Private Secretary to King George V]; Major-General George Jeffreys.

Also includes copy letters, telegrams and notes from WSC and Sinclair to some of those mentioned above and to Arthur Balfour [Lord President of Council], Andrew Bonar Law [Lord Privy Seal], Josiah Wedgwood, Otto Kahn, General Tscherbatchev, Austen Chamberlain [Chancellor of the Exchequer], Sir Hamar Greenwood [Chief Secretary, Ireland], Sir Robert McAlpine, Eleutherios Venizelos [Prime Minister of Greece], 1st Lord Milner [Secretary of State for the Colonies], [Prince Arthur] Duke of Connaught, and 1st Lord Curzon [Foreign Secretary]; weekly report of the situation in Ireland dated 26 May 1920.

Subjects covered by the file include: Irish affairs; matters concerning Russia; facilities for blinded soldiers; offers of work from various individuals; army matters, including the Army Council, finances, recruitment, honours, uniforms, memorials, and medals; Polish affairs and those relating to Danzig [later Gdansk, Poland]; Greek affairs; Indian affairs, including the position of Reginald Dyer and appointing Rawlinson; army strength in Mesopotamia [later Iraq] and Persia [later Iran]; details of South American armies; funding for the Foreign Office Secret Service and for a pension for [1st Lord] Jellicoe.





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Physical: 2 bound files and 1 folder (173 folios)
Publication: Alternative format: Folio 146: Copyright holder (Rawlinson) has withheld permission for online publication. Available on microfilm at Churchill Archives Centre.
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CHAR 16/48B/169-173 Letter from WSC (War Office, Whitehall, SW1 [London]) to David Lloyd George about the situation in Mesopotamia [later Iraq] and Persia [later Iran] including: demands by [Lieutenant-General Sir Aylmer] Haldane [Commander-in-Chief, Mesopotamia] for troops and cavalry forces which cannot be met; WSC's suggestions for moving troops from India, Palestine, Constantinople [later Istanbul] and the Rhine; the need for troops in India; the difficulty of the position against the Bolsheviks in Persia; his frustration at having to "go on pouring armies and treasure into these thankless deserts"; negative press treatment of the government; alienation caused by the British civil administration in Mesopotamia and lack of confidence in Percy Cox [High Commissioner, Mesopotamia]. He ends with a note that he is going on holiday for a fortnight to the South of France. Signed typescript. 31 Aug 1920