Official: Colonial Office: correspondence, mainly on South African affairs.

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Date: 01 Feb 1906 - 28 Feb 1906


Correspondents include: Henry Massingham (2); Herbert Asquith [later 1st Lord Oxford and Asquith, Chancellor of the Exchequer]; Sir John Walton [Attorney-General]; Sir Leander Jameson [Premier, Cape Colony, South Africa] on the Lisbon Railway agreement; Leo Amery, of the Times; George Wyndham MP giving advice on WSC's career as a minister; Joseph Chamberlain (2) and Henry Labouchere MP (2) on WSC finding work for an acquaintance; William Stead, Editor of the Review of Reviews, on WSC meeting Jan Smuts; 9th Lord Elgin and Kincardine [Secretary of State for the Colonies]; Martinus Steyn [former President of the Orange Free State, South Africa]; John Morley [Secretary of State for India] on a visit by Sir Arthur Lawley [later 6th Lord Wenlock, Governor of Madras, India]; Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson [Governor and Commander in Chief, Cape Colony] on the situation in Natal [South Africa] and the Cape (2); Alfred Beit; Frederic Creswell (2); Sir John Vine; Sydney Olivier; Major John Seely [later 1st Lord Mottistone]; Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman [Prime Minister]; Abe Bailey (2).

Also includes copy letter from WSC to Chamberlain asking him to withdraw his statement alleging that WSC had submitted government proposals to "mining magnates" before the House of Commons, and exploited the issue of chinese labour in the Transvaal [South Africa] in his election campaign.

Subjects covered in the file include: matters relating to the Transvaal Constitution, including the voting system for the assembly and the alleged inadequacies of local government there; the chinese labour issue.

Also includes: Beit's observations on a newspaper article, "Why the Mine-owners wanted chinese labour"; cuttings on the representation of natives in South Africa; copies of a statement by WSC on Chamberlain's allegation; notes on the work of the Imperial South Africa Association on land settlement in the Orange River Colony [Orange Free State].





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CHAR 10/8/11 Letter from Joseph Chamberlain (Imperial Hotel, Torquay [Devon]) to WSC enclosing letters from a "very respectable Birmingham merchant" and suggesting that WSC should send him the usual "soup plate" [letter of introduction] if possible. He notes that there may be a regulation preventing letters of introduction being provided to those on business and adds that he is reading WSC's "History" and "listening placidly to the echoes of the 'crisis'". Signed manuscript. 08 Feb 1906
CHAR 10/8/51 Letter from Joseph Chamberlain (40 Prince's Gardens [London]) to Captain Harrison in which he explains that he is no longer able to give introductions to the colonies, so suggests that he contacts the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies [WSC]. He predicts that the issue of Chinese slavery will not be discussed further as it has obtained the necessary number of votes for his opponents, commenting "The best of them are rather ashamed of the whole business." Signed manuscript annotated with a note by WSC "4.15 Friday HoC". 27 Feb 1906