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25 CHAR 2/392A-B Public and Political: General: Personal Office correspondence, A-B, many congratulating WSC on becoming Prime Minister and praising his leadership and speeches. [please note that almost the whole file dates from 1940]. Jun 1903 - Feb 1941
25 CHAR 20/2A/66-67 Letter from WSC to Neville Chamberlain on bombing of Downing Street, also suggests, with King George VI's approval, that Chamberlain should continue to see telegrams and papers of special interest. [Carbon]. 20 Oct 1940
25 CHAR 20/5/47 Memorandum from John Colville to Anthony Bevir, John Martin, John Peck [Private Secretaries to WSC] and Charles Barker [Chief Clerk, 10 Downing Street] informing them of change of telephone number for Captain Harbord [head of WSC's personal cypher staff] and his substitute, Mr. Wetherall [Home Forces cypher staff]. [Carbon]. 19 Oct 1940
25 CHAR 20/8/12-13 Letter from Sir Archibald Sinclair [Secretary of State for Air, later 1st Lord Thurso] to WSC chastising him for neglecting to use an air raid shelter himself whilst insisting that the rest of the country do so; includes filing note. [Manuscript]. 15 Sep 1940
25 CHAR 20/54A/79 Letter from WSC to A V Alexander, First Lord of the Admiralty, thanking him for the use of Admiralty House as a room at 10 Downing Street was unusable. 06 Sep 1942
25 CHAR 20/194B/177 Letter from WSC (Chateau Bordaberry [Near Hendaye, France]) to Clement Attlee [Leader of the Labour Party] stating that he might require a Government servant during his mission to Berlin [Potsdam Conference, Germany] and suggesting Chamberlain, one of the messengers at Number 10 [carbon]. 11 Jul 1945
25 CHAR 20/195B/149 Note from WSC to his Private Office listing guests for a private dinner party at 10 Downing Street on 4 Apr [1945] [typescript, annotated with details of acceptances and refusals]. 02 Apr 1945
25 CHAR 20/199/68 Note from Leslie Rowan [Prime Minister's Private Secretary] to WSC informing him that the President [Roosevelt] has sent him 6 new maps in substitution for some which are now in the map cabinet at No.10, and suggesting text for a short telegram of thanks. [Initialled typescript] [Dated 2 Jan 1944, but presumably 2 Jan 1945] Initialled and dated by WSC in red ink. 02 Jan [1945]
25 CHAR 20/199/69 Telegram from WSC to President Roosevelt marked "personal" thanking him for the 6 new maps for his map cabinet, "which were safely delivered today". 03 Jan 1945
25 CHAR 20/209/5 Prime Minister's printed personal minutes, May 1945. 01 May 1945 - 31 May 1945
25 CHUR 1/8 Personal: Financial: income tax, surtax, property, salary: statements, accounts, memoranda, and forecasts prepared by Wood, Willey and Company [WSC's accountants]. 19 Oct 1951 - 16 Apr 1955
25 CHUR 1/66 Personal: Staff: Correspondence. 21 Jul 1950 - 06 Nov 1957
25 CHUR 2/498A-B Public and Political: General: Various: "I worked for Mr Churchill" by Elizabeth Layton, typescript. 1947
25 CHUR 6/6A-C Official: Prime Minister: copies of WSC's correspondence. 14 Oct 1954 - 07 Apr 1955

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