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Date: 24 Jan 1935


Letter from Duff Cooper, [later 1st Lord Norwich], (Financial Secretary to the Treasury) to WSC, apologies for misrepresenting Randolph Churchill [who was standing as Independent Conservative candidate in Wavertee]. Stating that he understood from reports in the Daily Mail that Randolph had referred to Stanley Baldwin and Ramsay Macdonald as "two toads on the lion's nostrils". Asking if he should issue a correction to "The Times". Commenting that Randolph was putting up a grand fight, "and while I can't wish that he should get in I shall have a good laugh if he does" - also commenting that "Diana [Lady Diana Cooper] has left me for Max [Lord Beaverbrook] and/or Valentine Castlerosse".



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Physical: 1 folio
Publication: Pub. Winston S Churchill : Companion Volume V, Part 2, p.1047 Alternative format:
Original Reference: Language: English