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Date: 12 Nov 1946 - 12 Dec 1946


Speech notes and Hansard report of WSC's speech (12 November, House of Commons) entitled "The international scene" on subjects including: the cold war, the deterioration of relations with the Soviet Union and the strength of the Soviet army; support for the United Nations; the need to aid Germany but prevent rearmament; the Nuremberg trials and war crimes; Imperial Preference; affairs in countries including India, Egypt and the Suez canal, Palestine, National Service and the armed forces; housing and nationalisation. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7400-408.

Speech notes for WSC's broadcast speech (18 November, London) on the Roosevelt memorial fund, calling for subscriptions to build a memorial to Franklin Roosevelt in which he recalls Roosevelt's role during the war, Roosevelt's health problems and their comradeship. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7408-9.

Speech notes for WSC's speech (12 December, House of Commons) on India including: the discord between Hindus and Muslims; the responsibility of the House of Commons and of Great Britain towards India; the bloodshed following the installation of [Jawaharlal] Nehru as Prime Minister of India; and the protection of untouchables. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7410-17.






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