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Date: 10 Jul 1948 - 30 Jul 1948


Speech notes for WSC's speech (10 July, Woodford [Essex]) at an open air constituency meeting entitled "A new parliament" on subjects including: praise for Sir James Hawkey as Chairman of the Woodford Conservative Association; the strength of the Conservative Party; his involvement with social policy; the National Health service; the need to oppose communism; the possibility of war with the Soviet Union; the Labour government's economic policy; and the pledges of the Conservative Party. Also includes: a copy of the speech distributed to the press; correspondence from Reginald Maudling of the Conservative Party Secretariat with suggestions for the speech. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7678-84.

Speech notes for WSC's speech (14 July, Kent Agricultural Show, Maidstone) on agriculture including: his links with Kent and the county's contribution during World War II including the production of food. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7684-6.

Speech notes and Hansard report for WSC's speech (15 July, House of Commons) on the Criminal Justice Bill including: comments on the speech made by the Home Secretary [James Chuter-Ede]; the abolition of capital punishment; his experience as Home Secretary; and his opposition to the categorisation of types of murder. Source material includes notes from "N S" ["Jo" Sturdee, later Lady Onslow, Secretary to WSC] and suggestions from Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe [later 1st Lord Kilmuir]. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7686-97.

Speech notes for WSC's speech (30 July, House of Commons) on Hyderabad and Kashmir [India] including Hyderabad's application for independent status and the blockade of Hyderabad. Source material includes: correspondence from Clement Attlee [Prime Minister] with a copy of his letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons, Douglas Clifton Brown [later 1st Lord Ruffside]; press cuttings; notes on the situation in Hyderabad; and a pamphlet entitled "Our faithful ally: the case for Hyderabad." Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7701-6.






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