"The International Situation"

Reference code: CHUR 5/39C/539-574

Part of: CHUR 5/39A-C
Previous record: CHUR 5/39B/275-302

Date: 14 Dec 1950


Speech notes for WSC's speech (House of Commons) subjects including: the importance of keeping up relations with the United States, and the reluctance of the Prime Minister [Clement Attlee] to do so, particularly over Korea; the advantage of maintaining a fortified line in Korea; the need to censor the despatches of the United Nations war correspondents from Korea; appeasing from strength, not weakness; the lack of consultation with Britain by the United States over its atomic weapons; the Government's responsibility to avoid domestic divisions during the crisis, such as the Steel Nationalization Bill and the harm the bill could do to rearmament; the priority of defending Europe and the risk of Western forces being pinned down in China; the duty to try for a peaceful settlement.

Carbon and top copy of speech notes laid out in "psalm style" with some manuscript additions by WSC. Includes filing note.





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Physical: 36 folios
Publication: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8139 - 46 Alternative format:
Original Reference: Language: English