"Defence (Government Policy)"

Reference code: CHUR 5/40B/269-320

Part of: CHUR 5/40A-C

Date: 15 Feb 1951


Speech notes for WSC's speech (House of Commons) on subjects including: recent Government defence policy changes; the disruptive effect of the Iron and Steel Nationalization Act on rearmament; general mismanagement of defence, including demobilization, the dispersion and destruction of weapons, the extension of National Service and the wastage of defence funds; the British inability to produce atom bombs; Government opposition to the rearmament of West Germany and a European Army; the risk of losing the support of the United States for a European Army and the threat of a take-over of Europe by the Soviet Union; the rushed and inefficient construction and conversion of anti-submarine craft; call-up arrangements; improvement in the prospects for peace since the rearmament of the United States; the Government's lack of a guiding defence policy.

Typescript speaking notes laid out in "psalm style" with some manuscript additions by WSC. Includes press cuttings and a filing note.




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Publication: Complete Speeches VIII pp 8157 - 69 Alternative format:
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