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Date: 26 May 1942 - 25 Jun 1946


Speech notes and Hansard report of WSC's speech (5 June 1946, House of Commons) on foreign affairs on various subjects including: the cold war and the deterioration of relations with the Soviet Union; Communism; the report of the Trade Union delegation to Athens [Greece] and the elections held there; affairs and events in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Poland; a broadcast delivered by Field Marshal Jan Smuts; reconstruction in Belgium and the Netherlands; and the United Nations. Source material includes Hansard reports of WSC's speech and of debates on issues including opening cinemas on Sunday, teacher training, war memorials in Germany, ministerial salaries and hill farming; a book entitled "Austria's just claims to South Tyrol [Italy]"; notes from "N S" ["Jo" Sturdee, later Lady Onslow]; correspondence from 1st Lord Camrose [earlier William Berry] and William Warley; notes on the occupation of Italy; press cuttings on the visit by Walter Citrine [General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress] to Greece and a report by the Allied mission to observe elections in Greece; a copy of the treaty between Great Britain and the Soviet Union against Germany made in 1942; a promotional leaflet on the Republican party of freedom in France; and sections from other speeches by WSC. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7342-54.

Hansard report of WSC's speech (25 June 1946, House of Commons) on the Finance Bill in which he discusses the abolition of wealth and death duties and criticises the policy of the Chancellor of the Exchequer [Edward Hugh Dalton]. Published: Complete Speeches VII, pp 7355-6.






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