Official: Prime Minister

Reference code: CHUR 6

Part of: CHUR
Previous record: CHUR 5

Date: 1951 - 1955


The papers in this class relating to WSC's second period as Prime Minister are few.

The files mainly concern WSC's patronage and relate to Government appointments and changes (CHUR 6/1, 6/2, 6/4 and 6/5). There is one file containing copies of WSC's correspondence with President Dwight D Eisenhower of the United States (CHUR 6/3). There is also a single file containing copies of WSC's outgoing correspondence for the last months of his administration (CHUR 6/6). File CHUR 6/8, apparently relating to the access and custody of war-time Cabinet Office files, was noted as missing in 1987.

The main series of WSC's official correspondence for his second term as Prime Minister remains in official custody at the Public Record Office.





Contained records

Reference Record Date
CHUR 6/1A-B Official: Prime Minister: lists and correspondence regarding Ministerial and Government appointments. 13 Oct 1951 - 13 Nov 1951
CHUR 6/2 Official: Prime Minister: correspondence regarding Ministerial changes. 03 May 1952 - 01 Aug 1954
CHUR 6/3A-C Official: Prime Minister: correspondence between WSC and President Dwight D Eisenhower [President of the United States]. 29 Jan 1953 - 31 Mar 1955
CHUR 6/4 Official: Prime Minister: correspondence mainly relating to change of administration. 24 Aug 1953 - 31 Mar 1955
CHUR 6/5 Official: Prime Minister: correspondence and papers relating to Government reconstruction of 1954. 01 Aug 1952 - 16 Oct 1954
CHUR 6/6A-C Official: Prime Minister: copies of WSC's correspondence. 14 Oct 1954 - 07 Apr 1955
CHUR 6/7 Official: Prime Minister: analysis of letters received. 08 Jan 1955 - 09 Apr 1955
CHUR 6/8 Official: Prime Minister: access to and custody of war-time Cabinet Office files. c 1957